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Brewing Pinchajii Tea

Brewing Tips

Although brewing the perfect cup of tea is a matter of personal preference, it’s good to have a guideline in mind to avoid unwanted bitterness due to wrong brewing techniques. Our easy-to-follow steps provide a basis for you to start with. Recommended tea amount and steep time are indicated below.

1. Put tea leaves in the pot (or place leaves in removable strainer of Pin Tea Mug). We recommend a ratio of 3 grams of tea leaves to 150cc of water. Each pack is enclosed with a paper tea scoop to help you measure the ideal amount of tea leaves.

2. Pour 90oc degree water into the cup (80oc when brewing green tea). Avoid using boiling water for green tea and oolong tea as they will bring out the bitter and astringent flavors. Set the boiling water aside for few minutes to cool off a little before brewing the tea.

3. Steep for 4-5 minutes and remove tea leaves to avoid over brewing. (Our Pin Tea Mug comes with removable strainer is specially designed for easy brewing)


  • Amount of tea and steep time can be adjusted according to personal preference.
  • One serve of tea leaves can be brewed for two to three times, with extended steep time.
Tea TypeOoolong TeaGreen Tea
Water temperature 90°C 80°C
Water 150cc 150cc
Tea Leaves 3grams* 3grams*
Steep time 1st 4-5min 4-5min
2nd 5min 5min
3rd 6min 6min

* or one scoop enclosed of tea leaves


One scoop, One serve

  • Semi-ball rolled Style

    Four Seasons Oolong
    Dong Ding Oolong
    Amber Red Oolong

  • Stripe Style

    Long Jing Green Tea

  • Open-leaf Style

    Oriental Beauty

  • Ball rolled Style

    Jasmine Pearl
    Green Tea*

      * 3 grams approx. equal to 20 pearls


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